Sushi Mushi is a multiplayer match-three monster-feeding extravaganza – with sushi!

Do you like sushi? Because your monster sure does. That’s right, you have a monster, and as a good monster owner it’s your job to keep it fed and happy. But all it wants to eat is sushi – and it’s hungry!

Sushi Mushi promises fast-paced match-three gameplay, as you touch and drag across bites of sushi to match them by color or shape and keep your monster fed. You can hone your skills in the single-player “Snack Mode” before going head-to-head against friends and strangers alike through Facebook Connect. Offensive and defensive combos, “Specials” and “Surprises,” will add an element of strategic depth and let you really ring up the points over three alternating rounds of asynchronous multiplayer action.

Ten monsters are on the menu, including the mighty Rollzilla and masterful Wasabi Demon, and “Monster Belts” earned while progressing through the ranks will let you show off your skills to the world. Coins and upgrades can be earned by completing challenges, and you can help your friends get ahead too by sharing fortune cookies – just don’t let them steal your sushi!

Sushi MushiSushi Mushi

The Sushi Mushi trailer (linked above) doesn’t show off much in the way of gameplay, but it does look both frantic and fun. Look out for the game on iOS November 8.