’s latest saga is for the dogs… and the pigs… and the ducks.

I can’t say this with absolute certainty, but I have a sneaking suspicion that some people out there crave more cuteness in their puzzle games. Sure, there’s a degree of adorableness inherent to matching up colorful tiles and gems, but that only has so much mileage. What if, for some crazy reason, you tossed adorable animals into the mix? It’s a bold question to ask, but has gone and answered it with Pet Rescue Saga.

Despite cuddly animals being an integral part of Pet Rescue Saga, they’re far from the only draw. The game boasts a very approachable style of match-3 (or more, if you’re good) gameplay, making it a perfect title to spend a few minutes with here and there. And if you fancy yourself a more refined fan of tile matchery (not a real word, but roll with it), there are also plenty of power-ups and other such factors to contend with in every level. Just try not to be too distracted by the cuteness of all the pets you’re rescuing.

Pet Rescue Saga

Similar to’s highly popular Bubble Witch Saga, the game will feature a variety of levels that offer up different challenges. Many of these will, ostensibly, revolve around simply ridding the playing field of as many tiles as possible, but has also promised that players will need to adopt a forward-thinking strategy if they wish to conquer each challenge. You can’t just go around clicking blocks all willy-nilly and expect to win!

If you’re in dire need of cute animals and/or some casual puzzle action, Pet Rescue Saga is available on Facebook here.