Build a city for your Skylanders in Skylanders Lost Islands

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of in my house, it’s Skylanders.  I said as much when we first caught wind of two new iOS games on the horizon, and as of this morning, those two new games have officially (and finally) been announced. 

The first of these, Skylanders Lost Islands, appears to take a page out of a fairly generic freemium playbook.  Players will “build and grow your own magical village in the Skylands.” 

Skylanders Lost Islands

City-building is the name of the game here, but don’t think that means the characters won’t play a significant part in the gameplay.  Activision is promising that players will be able to send their Skylanders on adventures to earn rewards, though whether or not that will be an interactive part of the game (beyond clicking on a menu to send them off) remains to be seen.

Other common free-to-play elements, like farming, also manage to make an appearance in Lost Islands.  What should set this game apart from a sea of similar releases, though, is in how players can bring their existing Skylanders into the game with them.  As in previous supporting releases like Cloud Patrol and Spyro’s Universe, players can enter the code that was included with their existing Skylanders figures to add those characters to the game.  It’s a neat touch, and with Skylanders Giants hitting consoles last week, there are bound to be more and more figures on the way that players can purchase, collect, and then add to additional Skylanders games like this.

Skylanders Lost Islands

Interested in checking out the Skylanders take on casual free-to-play city-building?  The game is available on the iPad in Canada now, and should spread to the rest of the world in late November.  Wondering what else Activision has up their sleeves?  Be sure to check out our coverage of their other upcoming iOS release, Skylanders Battlegrounds.