Legends of Loot is a tricky dungeon-crawler that proves most rewarding

Legends of Loot teaches us a valuable lesson about life: if a dodgy looking man dressed as a wizard offers you a life of treasure-hunting and glory for just 25c, you should most definitely grab the opportunity with both hands.

This cute and seriously in-depth dungeon-crawler RPG is not for the faint-hearted, despite its comic stylings. Those looking for a real challenge that will eat up many hours of your time for the low, low price of free should direct their mobile device towards Majesco’s latest effort.

Legends of Loot

Legends of Loot is all about exploring deep, dark mazes, finding gold to line your pockets with, dodging traps and taking down nasty creatures. It’s a game that feels incredibly simplistic to begin with, but rapidly shows itself to be a very fulfilling experience.

Exploring is as simple as pointing which direction you want your hero to move in, and walking into all the gold and treasure chests you can find. Tapping switches opens up new pathways, and finding the exit to each maze becomes second priority to rinsing the area of every single piece of treasure you can find.

Switches are just one of the types of puzzle to be found in Legends of Loot – you’ve also got warp gates that throw you around the place, sliding blocks to shift around, and plenty of boulders, saws and balls to run away from. There’s nothing particularly mind-boggling, but it’s still all very well produced.

Enemies are a whole other ball game. Walk into a baddie, and you’ll engage them in turn-based slice and pokes, depending on the weapon you’re currently using. Equip a sword, and you’ll be provided with Fruit Ninja-styled maiming. Magic wands, on the other hand, give you a sort of poke-and-hold minigame to beat.

Legends of Loot

Whatever the case, it’s really entertaining stuff, with randomized points on the enemy that mix up the action well, and the opportunity to block attacks too, depending on what kind of defensive equipment you have.

On top of all this, there are plenty of side-missions to engulf yourself in. At the start of each maze you can bet on whether you’re going to complete the maze having collecting a certain amount of gold, or having not taken a hit, or even based on how many doors you opened.

You also have special sets of items to find and collect, which give you huge amounts of gold and XP when you find them all. You can go back to old levels at any time to complete these sets and side-missions too, opening up reams of replay value.

Legends of Loot

Those players who are looking for a more casual experience may find Legends of Loot to be just a tad on the difficult side. Some of the enemies can take a while to kill (especially if you don’t pay any real-money and stick with the base weapons), and it can be off-putting when you get really close to the exit and then lose everything.

If you’re looking for a tough dungeon-crawler to eat up your time and spit it back out as XP, grit and fun, Legends of Loot is well worth a bash, especially if it’s a free experience you’re after.