As a Canadian, I think I may be legally obligated to enjoy Jack Lumber. I mean, the game is filled to the brim with references to the Canadian wilderness; maple syrup gives you super powers. Patriotism notwithstanding, however, it also happens to be a wonderfully frantic title that combines puzzling with twitch instincts. This week, developer Owlchemy Labs released an update,  and celebrated with a genius promo video…and wouldn’t you know it, both the Canadian and gamer in me are giddy. 

On the update front, Owlchemy is – like many developers – optimizing Jack Lumber for the iPhone 5’s resolution, and for the features of iOS6. In addition, new the trinket-filled “Granny’s Cupboard” has been beefed up to include more customization options, including moustaches. Because nothing pairs better with a beard than a moustache. Okay, that may be a little bit of a lie; nothing pairs better with beards than this spectacular video: 

Filmed at the World Lumberjack championship out in Wisconson, the half-promotional, all hilarious skit sees Owlchemy designer Kate Mann conducting on-the-spot interviews with real life lumberjacks. The piece includes attempts at gameplay, beard measuring, and surprise crooning from one crew I’m sure is actually made up of Dwarves instead of men. Beyond the obvious laughs, the video raises a great point about promotion in mobile, echoed by Owlchemy studio head Alex Schwartz.

“As a small indie studio with limited means, we need to do our best to find ways to get our game out there on a shoestring budget,” he notes.  “When we heard that the World Lumberjack Championships were being held recently out in Wisconsin, we knew we had to attend and let the honest to goodness lumberjacks play our new game. Hilarity ensued.” Yes it did Alex; yes it did.