“Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to play!” Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? As we approach All Hallow’s Eve, however, it may just prove to be the more appropriate holiday slogan. There are about as many great ghoulish games as there are miniature chocolate bars, and Indie Royale is most definitely the door you want to knock on.

Their latest bundle includes five wonderfully spooky games with which to pass the time as you do some last minute costume brainstorming, or while taking a break from some light reading of the Necronomicon. But buyer beware! The chance of becoming so absorbed in these games that you miss a night out is a very scary, very real possibility. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Those who purchase the Halloween Bundle will receive:

  • Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Full Season) – Packed to the brim with pop-culture references and clever dialogue, Telltale Games’ irreverent series may be the headliner of this list. Follow the iconic six-foot dog Sam and his pint-sized bunny partner Max on a quest that fuses point-and-click adventure with sci-fi sensibilities. 
  • Home – While not blatantly terrifying, this pixelated psycho-thriller wakes you up in a house not your own, and sets you on an adventure to discover what gruesome events may have occurred there, and who – was it you? – is at the center. In our official review, we said “Home is a game that all horror fans should spend some time with.”
  • Pathologic –  When a developer’s name is Ice-Pick Lodge, you know you’re not in for rainbows and butterflies. Pathologic is packed with “unforgiving” survival mechanics, as you play one of a trio of healers sent to a small town to deal with a rampant, mysterious outbreak. Hard to find and highly praised, this is the dark horse to watch from the bunch.
  • MacGuffin’s Curse – From dark horses to bright, shining beacons of humor, Macguffin’s Curse is a comedy-puzzle-adventure that follows a newly minted werewolf on his journey to recover the amulet that transformed him. Along the way, you’ll elude the law, a corrupt millionaire, and more, all in a quest we called “great, meaty puzzler that will really get your brain cogs whirring.” 
  • Evil Quest – Remember all those megalomaniacal RPG baddies you had to take down in epic battles? Now you’re one of them: Galvis, a knight determined to conquer the world, and on a quest of a destruction that resembles something right out of the SNES era. Scarily good retro nostalgia. 

For those unaware, Indie Royale functions a bit differently than other pay-what-you-want services. There’s an ever-changing minimum you’re expected to pay for the bundle, which rests at $4.89 at the time of this posting. And with this particular bundle, paying $8 or more will net you the chiptune album Preschtale; brave enough to try and set the bar with the highest donation? And you could win the sold-out physical edition of Home, signed by its creator.

Now go forth and buy some great games…if you dare!