Much to the delight of mobile players, it’s becoming harder and harder to criticize the platform as lacking substantial games. And while this is thanks in large part to great original IP like Horn and Infinity Blade, it doesn’t hurt that console developers have started to bring flagship franchises to phones and tablets. Well, mobile naysayers, I have bad news: today, your argument has gotten even weaker. 

In celebration of the 10th of anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games has announced that they’ll be bringing the neon-soaked 80s open-world to iOS and Android. This follows the company’s decision to give the classic Grand Theft Auto III similar treatment last year, and hopefully represents the start of a pattern for Rockstar. According to a quote obtained by PocketGamer UK, the mobile port will have all the substance of the original PS2 title, as well as “several enhancements unique to the iOS and Android platforms.” Personally, I hope those enhancements include the ability to play your own music overtop of the game’s soundtrack…but only if it’s from the 80s

In the mean time, keep your eyes out for the law, and we’ll keep our eyes out for screens and a release date for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on mobile.