Boggle? More like mind boggle.

The puzzle masters at Kieffer Bros. (Aqueduct) would like to have a word with you…or maybe even several, if you think you’re up to the challenge. In their upcoming Spell Rift – an all new word searching adventure for the iPad – you’ll be dragging and dropping your way through A to Z on a quest to find secret words that are hidden in a jumbled, mystical alphabet soup. The longer the word you find, the higher your score, and the better your bonus. 
Each board-like level contains a tricky objective that you need to keep in mind as you hunt and find. You may have to spot a certain number of words, only build words of a certain size, or clear a specific number of tiles.Aim high, and watch your scores scream up the per-level leaderboards. If you think they’re going to make it easy for you, though, you must not have met these particular brothers before.
At any moment, a menagerie of bombs, locks, viruses, spinners, warpers, and more can drop down from the heavens and crush your chances at cracking the “Total Score” leaderboard, where the true masters of wordplay roam. Think of it as Spelltower meets Alice in Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems. Where gelatanous green letters creep across the board turning viable possibilities into useless clones, and wherefinding words is only one of the many interlocking puzzles you’re solving.
In that vein, four dreamlike worlds will ensure that your peepers will have a good bit of eye candy to focus on during your journey to find the sacred Well of Words, and the 21 mind-busting stages, 60+ achievements, and hidden bonus levels will bring you back for a mental beatdown time and time again. With a proven track record at turning basic puzzling into ambient adventures, the brothers Kieffer have us excited to explore this dictionary-driven dimension. Get your thinking caps at the ready, ladies and gentlemen. Spell Rift‘s release date (October 25) is right around the corner; my word!