What if Batman, Bane, the Joker, Captain America, Catwoman, and Obama all teamed up to develop a game? Well, someone would probably wind up hurt (or worse) by the end of it all, but it would be an interesting amalgamation of talent. Good news, bad news time. Bad news: The DC universe isn’t actually teaming up with Marvel and the Prez to make a game. Good news: A bunch of veteran developers have put together a video of themselves cosplaying as the aforementioned characters in hope that you’ll sponsor Kasimono, a revolutionary monster-catching game.

Kasimono for PC, Mac, iOS and Android is being touted by its development team as a mix of Pokemon and Infinity Blade, with a dash of zombies. It is not, however, yet another Pokemon clone. Instead, it aims to take the best that the franchise has to offer and evolve it like so many Pikachu. Some of Kasimono‘s planned features include epic single-player battles, multiplayer battles, badge-collecting, achievements, monster catching, loot drops, leaderboards, and the sinister-sounding “Kasimono zombies.”


Players will journey across the world even into space as they seek out and take down dungeon leaders to earn achievements and badges. Of course, creature collecting is a huge part of Kasimono, and there are over 130 beasties to grab. You can even trade and sell off your new friends. Oh, no! Squirtle!


Needless to say, you can also pledge to keep your Kasimono around for as long as you want. Maybe even…forever. Yes, you can train your Kasimono to become zombies. If one bites you while you’re training it, you might want to get to the doctor. Like, fast.

Kasimono‘s development team is comprised of experienced game developers that have worked on everything from triple-A projects to mobile games. Kasimono aims to capture the innocence and fun of the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, not to mention the thrilling battles of Pokemon Stadium for the Nintendo 64.

Want to pledge? Sure, a pledge for zombie pocket monsters is a pledge for the betterment of humanity. Donate $1 and receive a Kasimono creature guide. Early backers who pledge $15 or more will get a digital download of the game and its soundtrack, plus the creature guide. Drop $35, and you’ll get a free Kasimono shirt, plus the game, plus the soundtrack, plus the creature guide.


Going up the scale, $75 nets you all of the above, plus a Kasimono plush to cuddle. $155 earns you all that, plus a miniatures pack. If you really want to go all out, $5000 lets you design and name your own Kasimono to appear in the game! Keep all phallic visual jokes to a minimum.

If all this excites you—the Pokemon influences, the zombies, the Batman thing and the rest of it—visit Kasimono‘s Kickstarter page!  

Project Name: Kasimono
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Funds Needed: $550,000
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $20,353
Days Left: 28

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