Strangely, despite watching a bunch of cartoons in Russian, I still don’t know why they’re the “pilot” brothers.

Gamers who haven’t summered in Vladivostok may not recognize the comical pair in G5 Entertainment’s upcoming iOS adventure, Pilot Brothers.  Despite enjoying reasonable fame in Russia as a Sherlock-and-Watson-inspired comic duo, our heroes—Chief and Colleague—are fairly unknown in the western hemisphere.  That may quickly change with their upcoming point-and-tap iOS excursion.

The Pilot Brothers have taken on a number of adventures in their time as cartoon, film, and PC game heroes, many of which are titled after relatively mundane events that are gone about in ridiculous fashion.  In the cartoon short, “The Pilot Brothers Make Spaghetti for Breakfast,” for instance, Colleague cuts Chief’s hair for noodles and a cactus provides tequila for the pasta sauce.  The slightly less insane “The Pilot Brothers Sometimes Go Fishing,” shows the duo teamed up with their striped elephant pal, fishing in a tiny puddle that becomes a lake when the elephant stands in it.

This same elephant is the focus of the pair’s adventure in Pilot Brothers, an iOS port of the PC title, Pilot Brothers: On the Track of the Striped Elephant.  Taking on a more exciting challenge than making breakfast or going fishing, the brothers are tasked with tracking down the rare, striped elephant “Baldakhin,” who has gone missing from the local zoo.  You’ll control the two detectives as they traverse the zoo, sewers, hotel, and more in search of clues to Baldakhin’s whereabouts.  In classic point-and-click fashion, you’ll need to collect items hidden in each scene and use them to solve puzzles which will unlock the next area.  Arcade-style mini-games will also test your precision and the brothers’ special abilities.

Even if you’re not familiar with the Pilot Brothers cartoons and recognizable characters, like their ever-present pet cat, the iOS game is a standalone experience that any player can enjoy.  The colorful, sharply outlined graphics of the cartoons is replicated here, making delineating between objects and puzzles very easy.  The brothers’ trademark humor and general wackiness will likely also be present, which should create a memorable and laid-back adventure for any fan of the genre.

Pilot Brothers

If this first sampling of the brothers does well, there are plenty of other games to bring to iOS: maybe the 3D Kitchen Garden Wrecker Case?  Too soon to tell, but we’ll have a better idea when Pilot Brothers is released later this month.