In the jungle, the living jungle, the plants…are alive? Ahh!

After developing both the Dana Knightstone and Awakening series of hidden object games, it’s safe to say that Boomzap knows a thing or two about developing entries in genre. The company isn’t just about sequels, however, as Botanica: Into the Unknown looks to be a completely new offering that will see players explore a mysterious landscape full of beautiful plants and animals.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

Twenty years ago, our hero’s father went missing on an expedition. His outlandish theories and experiments caused many to think him mad, and our hero has spent the past two decades trying to form his own reputation and identity as a botanist, away from the comparisons to his father. Now, you’ll step into the shoes of this character, as you find yourself trapped in an alien world full of large, unbelievable flora and fauna. With the help of a fellow trapped scientist, you’ll need to discover a way home from amidst the wild, while also learning as much about this plant life as you possibly can in the time available to you.

Botanica: Into the Unknown

Botanica: Into the Unknown looks to contain the same level of detail as Boomzap’s previous games, with bulk item hunts, puzzles and interactive hidden object scenes. You’ll meet plenty of characters in this foreign land and will even need to revisit your relationship with your father as you learn his theories may not have been so crazy after all. The collector’s edition of the game will offer a soundtrack, an achievement system and desktop wallpapers, but the overall game will also include collectibles that give you something else to search for as you progress.

There’s no official release date for Botanica: Into the Unknown just yet, so make sure to follow the game right here on Gamezebo to be the first to know when it’s out!