How do you train a racing dragon? You play Dragon Skies.

We all know that Vikings were brawny dudes with a thing for rowboats, and that they probably landed on the shores of North America ages before Columbus found his way out of his mother’s womb (he got lost during that excursion, too). But here’s a little Viking tidbit that’s been coming to the fore a lot lately: on top of everything else they could do, Vikings were righteous dragon-trainers. If you don’t believe it, try re-living history with Dragon Skies, a mobile dragon-raising game that honestly has nothing to do with history at all.

You play Dragon Skies as a Viking-in-training. Your job is to hatch, breed, and raise the scaly little guys to be the best legendary reptiles they can be—but there’s more to it than that. You also need to train your dragons to be racers. After all, a lazy dragon is a disgraceful dragon. Just look at that layabout Smaug—but don’t risk calling him a disgrace unless you’re wearing the One True Ring.

Selective breeding brings out the best in your dragons. If you combine your strongest, fastest fliers, you’re sure to get some pretty brilliant offspring. You may even hatch a rare specimen. You also need to build a spiffy training ground for your beasties so that they hopefully won’t point a claw back at you and your stinginess when they mess up a race.

Dragon Skies

Dragon Skies

Dragon Skies is coming to the App Store on October 25. Treat your dragons well, and hope that they don’t realize that you’d probably taste good with ketchup.