Have you ever noticed how similar the words “combo” and “combat” are? It’s as though they were made for each other! This symbiotic relationship has been utilized countless times in the past, as anyone who’s played a fighting game can attest to. But where combos are concerned, few fighting games hold a candle to 2D beat-em-up Super Comboman, a title that just might break the world record for most combos in any one game.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, you clearly misread the name of the game. Super Comboman. Not only is an emphasis being placed on combos, but those combos are being referred to as “Super.” Don’t just take my word for it, though! The gameplay trailer linked below will show you everything you need to know on the subject.

As much as I’d like to sit here and talk about combos all day, I’ll drop it for the sake of telling you more about this game. Super Comboman describes itself as “Smash Bros. meets the Marvel vs. Capcom series,” all filtered through the lens of a 2D platformer. There’s a heavy emphasis on customizing your style of combat, and the system behind it looks incredibly interesting. Rather than unlock various abilities as you make your way through the game, you’ll amass stickers that grant you new attacks and powers. Some of these stickers can be purchased with “combo coins” you earn while playing, and others can be located throughout the game. Call me crazy, but a partnership with Lisa Frank seems like it could be hugely profitable for Super Comboman‘s developers. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of power this sticker would grant you.

Strange as it may sound, you’re beating people up for a good reason. Struggles – the game’s protagonist – has spent much of his life supporting himself and his little brother by taking on various odd jobs within a capitalistic corporation known as DODOCO. Eventually, something in him snaps and he begins to fight people in the same way that Super Comboman, his favorite comic book hero, does. Put another way, Struggles is just a guy trying to live out his dream. If his dream just so happens to revolve around punching a whole lot of people, then who are we to judge?


Levels will be clumped into visually similar sets, with each one modeled after some type of work-relevant location. The first area will be a construction zone, where you’ll battle a multitude of construction workers, and eventual take on the dreaded Supervisor. If ever you’ve wanted to punch your boss, it sounds like this could be a good way to vent some anger.

And if you demand more from a game than just the opportunity to unleash combo attacks on a whole lot of people, Super Comboman will also feature several physics puzzles, along with what sounds like a very gripping storyline. With a name like Struggles, there’s bound to be plenty of tumultuous moments.

Most of the work is already completed on the game, and this Kickstarter campaign is Interabang Entertainment’s attempt to acquire the funds needed for things like “licensing, travel, booths at conferences, supporting the developers and [bringing] Super Comboman to mobile platforms in all its gloriousness.” Did you catch that last one? Mobile platforms! If there’s one thing I love more than beating up virtual people, it’s having the opportunity to do so on the go.


There are too many rewards to list, but some of the notable ones include a fanny pack at $100, a custom fight stick at $1,000, and the chance to become an enemy in the game at $1,500. I know I should be most excited about being an enemy in a video game but, you guys: fanny pack.

Project Name: Super Comboman
Platforms: PC, Mac, as well as Android, iOS and Linux if a stretch goal is met.
Funds Needed: $14,900
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $2,278
Days Left: 28

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