Fight your friends and foes with the power of numbers

Can friendship bloom on a battlefield? Maybe that depends on the battlefield and the type of war being fought. For example, a battle of wits and knowledge might not yield as many hard feelings as a battle of blades and bullets, but many of us still like our intellectual fights to have a bit of a nip. Battle Sudoku Against Friends from 6waves is a good compromise. It’s built on the serene basics of Sudoku, but it throws in a dash of sabotage and a few land mines.   

Battle Sudoku With Friends     Battle Sudoku With Friends

Battle Sudoku Against Friends shakes up the Sudoku tradition just a tad. You and your friend take turns at the grid and attempt to make sets of numbers according to Sudoku rules. You can match up three of a kind, for example, or prime numbers. If you succeed, you score a point bonus in addition to the value of the revealed number.

But this is Battle Sudoku, so you need to prepare yourself for potential hurt. A mine is randomly hid in each grid, so that means a single mistake can blow up in your face (or blow off your face). You can avoid the mine by carefully analyzing the board and utilizing helpful in-game items. If you’re extra-smart, you might be able to find ways to get your opponent to detonate his or her chances of success.

Up for the challenge? Hope you’re a quick thinker: Battle Sudoku Against Friends grants each player 60 seconds to make a move. Daydreamers need not apply.

Battle Sudoku Against Friends is coming to the App Store later this month. Build a new friendship on numbers, then tear it all down again.