Deep War takes combat way below the waves of a meteor-ravaged Earth

Every several hundred million years (give or take a decade), Planet Earth decides to marry a meteor. The results are typically disastrous to say the least, and the step children suffer hugely—as if velociraptors aren’t natural born headcases to begin with. In the scenario laid out by Deep War, another meteor decides to make it with Earth, and this time it’s humanity’s turn to get squashed.


Deep War is a horizontal shooter that takes place under da sea. That’s right: to escape utter destruction, humanity plays survival limbo and goes as low as it possibly can. You pilot a deep-sea submarine for a secret corporation and navigate dangerous waters filled with enemies. Hey, why should our looming near-extinction and severely depleted population stop us from waging war on each other?

Aside from shooting down enemy crafts, you also have to take down sharks. Many, many sharks. Evidentially the presence of humans really drags down under water property values, and the seas’ top predators aren’t going to sit back and let their life investment go down the tubes.

You can fight back against the bad guys and the sharks by blasting them into scrap and sushi. You can also collect meteor fragments to upgrade your ship and your shields. There are 8 levels to work through, and the game’s watery 3D visuals are supported and enhanced by the iPhone 5 and the new iPad.

Deep War is coming out on October 25. You have just enough time to grab that cute bikini that you’ve been eyeing at Wal-Mart.