While you’ve probably never heard of it before, there’s a brand new craze that’s sweeping the nation – and it’s one you’ll want to be sure to get in on.  It’s called “dancing.”  Oh wait…  that’s not the new craze?  Where have I been all this time?

Speaking of dancing, few songs have had people tapping their toes as much over the last few months as Gangnam Style.  A YouTube phenomenon from South Korean rapper PSY, the Gangnam Style music video may very well end up being the most-viewed online video of all time.  What makes it so popular?  Well asides from the catchy tune and crazy antics, there’s a little move that PSY performs called the “horse dance.”

And can you think of a more suitable place for a horse dance than down on the farm?

Zynga has just snuck a neat easter egg into FarmVille 2 that pays homage to everyone’s favorite South Korean hip hop superstar.  Now when you’re player levels up, they’ll do a little horsey dance of their own.  The music in the video above has been added for effect, so you’ll have to fire up the track yourself if you want to hear it while your farmer gets their PSY on.

It’s cute, and it kind of reminds me of the first time I saw the Napoleon Dynamite dance in World of Warcraft.  And while it’s not quite the full PSY game we predicted, you’ve got to admit it – Zynga has definitely brought “style” to FarmVille 2.