If you’re not too busy mowing down zombies, why not take a minute to make a movie out of your adventures?

In Gameloft’s Zombiewood, the living dead have invaded the streets of Los Angeles. Said zombies immediately moved in on Sunset Boulevard, where they found themselves in good company. Seriously though, game veterans already know that a zombie infestation is a problem that cannot be left unchecked for long, and Zombiewood immediately puts you to work cleaning up house.

Here’s the twist, though: you’re a zombie killer-slash-actor who’s making a movie while you kill. Heck, why not? You already have wads of non-unionized “actors” roaming the streets. They don’t even need to be paid, but your brain might be forfeit if they sink their teeth into it. Finders keepers.

Zombiewood is a twin-stick shooter, so expect the blood, bullets, and zombie entrails to fly thick. Dozens of the pesky flesh-eaters will try and swarm you at once, so keep a level head. More importantly, keep your weapons upgraded. There are several to choose from, including guns, flame throwers, and rocket launchers.

Ah, but without the arts, what would separate humanity from the zombies? Your first task is to survive, but your secondary goal in Zombiewood is to make a film worth watching. As you work your way through the game’s different modes (marathon, survival, escort, and barricade), you gain the opportunity to star in several movies. Tons of appropriate costumes are on-hand, too. Who wouldn’t pay for the opportunity to see a guy in a football uniform blow away some zombies? Then again, will anyone be left alive by the time your film hits the big screen? Maybe that’s a scenario best explored by the Twilight Zone.

Zombiewood is coming this Halloween and is free-to-play. There are worse things than a free pass to a zombie slaughter.