A retro RPG that takes players 250 years into the past to witness the birth of a nation

Americana Dawn sounds like a strange tale indeed. Players will become Rarascau, one of the last of a quasi-immortal race of “Keepers” that have been watching human civilization unfold, and taking part in pivotal events since the dawn of time. Yet their existence isn’t secret. They are known to the world, and in spite of their great power they are neither worshiped nor feared, but simply accepted.

Americana Dawn

After witnessing the events at Roanoke, Jamestown and beyond, Rarascau – renamed Alfred – spends 133 years alone in the wilderness, an isolation that changes him forever. When he is asked to support the colonists during the French and Indian War, he embarks upon a great journey through events that lead to the creation of the United States of America.

It’s an RPG, but Americana Dawn eschews the concept of character levels. Instead, all the skills in a character class except one “special skill” will be available as soon as that class is selected, and hit points will remain fixed at 100 from start to finish. Characters will be able to improve their abilities through new classes that open up as the game progresses, giving them a wider range of gameplay options, and by discovering new and better equipment. And aside the lead character’s supernatural origins, magic will not be a part of the game.

The art is a blend of Eastern and Western that’s meant to pay homage to the great RPG of the NES era while still remaining true to the source material, and looks at this point like a near-perfect recreation of that long-ago and much-loved style. The soundtrack (based on the single sample that’s currently available) is somewhat more contemporary, but will still evoke a similar retro vibe.

Americana Dawn

Americana Dawn

There will be plenty of real-life historical figures to interact with, while a detailed in-game journal will offer players a more in-depth look at historical events and also clarify where the game diverges from reality. At an estimated 30 hours of playtime, it’s also a hefty beast, yet it will be free: the creator is seeking nothing more than donations from those who can and wish to do so.

It sounds bizarre, but Americana Dawn could very well be a fascinating alt-history take on the events that led to the birth of the U.S., and it has the look of a very solid retro-RPG too. No firm release date has been set but it’s currently expected to come out this winter.