GREE has gone and ninja-launched the “GREE Loves Indies” initiative, a program that provides independent developers with launch and post-launch support of their game.

Developers interested in participating can enter the “Indie of the Month” contest, the winners of which will have their games launched on the GREE platform, and receive benefits like promotion and advice from a “GREEnius” on how best to “maximize retention, monetization, and the lifetime value of your title.” Or, as the company likes to put it, access to the “secret sauce.” Yum?

“GREE is a strong supporter of independent developers. They are responsible for pushing the limits of creativity and driving innovation within the mobile industry and I feel we have a responsibility to give them the tools and knowledge they need to work their magic,” said Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing, in a press release. Considering how many of the best games of the past few years — and, really, since the genesis of the medium — have come from indie developers, there’s little reason to disagree with him.

If you’re interested in receiving a little extra help with the launch of your game, you can apply to take part in the initiative here.