So is the Millennium Falcon an actual bird now, or what?

When news broke over the weekend that Rovio had entered into a licensing partnership with the Star Wars franchise, it seemed cool – but not nearly as cool as an actual game would be.  After all – who’s really going to rush out and buy a stormtrooper piggy if you can’t destroy thousands of them by blowing up the Death Star with your slingshot?  Good news, folks: Rovio felt the same way we did.

Launching November 8th on iOS and Android phones, Angry Birds Star Wars will send everyone’s favorite birdies to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. 

Players will enjoy classic Angry Birds mechanics as they battle the dark side of The Force in settings featured in the films.  What’s more, TechCrunch is reporting that the game will feature the same gravitational elements as Angry Birds Space – a fitting pairing, don’t you think?

In typical Rovio fashion, no other details have surfaced yet – though if the few images floating around are to be believed, it seems as though the game might focus on the original trilogy rather than the prequels.  It’s a sensible move – after all, you could release the prequels as a free update down the road (which would be a pretty characteristic move on Rovio’s part).  I wouldn’t be surprised if the November 8th release featured just the 1977 original, and the remaining films all showed up in the months that followed.  Having said that, we should probably stress that this is pure speculation on our part.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Despite the various rumors of partnerships we’ve heard over the years (KISS, I’m looking in your direction), this is the first time since Angry Birds Rio hit in early 2011 that we’ve seen the Birds pair up with another franchise (unless you count quick one off promotions like the one with Green Day).  Had Rovio been holding out for a big IP to partner with, I suppose there isn’t much bigger.

If Bad Piggies wasn’t your cup of tea (and shame on you if it wasn’t!), Rovio’s return to form will be arriving on your phone next month.  Until then, may the force be with you.