Zynga and Atari team up to combine a superhero rabbit with a new take on the classic Breakout formula

Before we had the likes of Angry Birds, we looked to Atari for our physics games. Breakout, which was released in 1976 for the arcades, taught games the joy of tearing down digital environments years before the Birds were even a gleam in their furious daddies’ eyes. It looks like Atari still has a thing or two to teach us about ripping stuff up, so the company has teamed up with Zynga to produce Super Bunny Breakout, an iOS and Android re-imagining of its classic game.

Described in a press release as “the next evolution of Atari’s classic Breakout property,” Super Bunny Breakout is actually a puzzle/physics game hybrid that has something the original game didn’t: a protagonist that’s more than a straight line at the bottom of a screen. Super Bunny Breakout stars Rodney, a super-hero bunny on a mission to break his fellow detainees out of an evil testing lab.

You can launch Rodney from a lab platform and let him bounce around to destroy lab structures—especially the cages that confine his furry friends. The platform can be moved horizontally and vertically, and when it’s stationary it catches Rodney. This gives you another chance to flick him from any angle you want.

Super Bunny Breakout     Super Bunny Breakout

Besides Rodney, there are five fuzzy heroes to choose from. Each hero brings his or her own power to the rescue mission, including the ability to warp time or mess around with gravity. There are over 40 stages to bust through, which should give you ample room to play with all your new friends.

Super Bunny Breakout is coming to iOS and Android soon. Make sure there aren’t any rabbits in the room before you watch superhero movies. There’s nothing as dangerous as a rabbit with aspirations.