The chance to carry a well-known actor in your pocket is finally here

With dozens of films under his belt – including both the Harry Potter and Leprechaun series – Warwick Davis is a man about the film industry. If you’ve caught him in enough movies, chances are you have a good grasp of his particular brand of humor. As it just so happens, both Warwick and the folks at Matmi believe that very humor has the potential to fit perfectly in the context of a video game, and that’s why they’ve created Pocket Warwick.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: this is one of the weirdest games I’ve ever seen. The press release describes it as a fusion between the Sims series and a Tamagotchi, and that’s a pretty apt way to put it. You look after a miniature version of Warwick Davis, and assist him with film auditions and other tasks. Despite being a simulation game, though, there’s an actual goal in the game: to become the most popular actor you possibly can.

Pocket Warwick

If you manage to nail an audition, you’ll receive XP points and royalties. These, in turn, can be spent on items for future auditions as well as furniture for Davis’ habitat. If you’d rather, though, you can also spend real cash on acquiring things faster.

The films you’ll be auditioning for are slight variations of real ones, such as Small Runnings and Shortfellas — obvious plays on Davis’ height. The press release states that the game will launch with over 150 film auditions in tow, and I can’t help but wonder if every single film title will feature some sort of pun about shortness. That’s a lot of wordplay!  

Pocket Warwick is set to release on iOS October 25, with an Android version following sometime in November.