As someone who started gaming with an NES, I often lament the death of the instruction booklet. Full of color, packed with a tantalizing look at the game world you were about to enter; like having dessert before the meal. For fans of classic RPGs – packed as they were with cloth maps, intricate ornaments, and more – I can only imagine the pain of today’s trinket-free industry. Don’t worry: Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall are here to help. 

If either of those names ring a bell, you’re not imagining things. And no, I’m not just talking about Brathwaite’s excellent interview about Ghost Recon Commander. Both she and Hall are mainstays in the videogame industry, having worked on – between them – titles like Wizardry, Dungeons & Dragons, and DOOM. Now, they’re teaming up to revisit the glory days, and hopefully, take everyone along with them. Their mission? Make an old-school RPG, tentatively called Old-School RPG. The ask? A cool million dollars. 


With the funds, Brathwaite and Hall – with the help of Brathwaite’s development studio Loot Droop – plan to deliver a game with all the trappings that have come to define the genre. Players will be able to create a group of four main characters, choosing their race and profession; progress, means gaining levels, tweaking a full range of attributes, and recruiting  non-playable characters to help conquer an evil that grips the land. A land littered with sidequests, turn-based combat, and multiple endings to the journey. 

To be honest, I’m a little conflicted on this one. On one hand, it’s impossible to deny the pedigree of the founding team, and they – like OUYA did with their Kickstarter campaign – are saying all the right words. They want to return to an era gone by. To celebrate a roster of beloved games the likes of which no self-respecting RPG fan could rebuke (Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past). To “get back to [their] roots and create an old-school RPG worthy of 30 years of RPG fan devotion.” And all of it DRM-free!

Yet, dig a little deeper and you see sentences like the following: “We’ll put into the game all the passion we summoned for the award-winning RPGs we’ve worked on, and take you along for the ride. Even the mere mention of ‘old-school RPG’ fills you with ideas, and we can’t wait to hear them!” There’s a fine line between being interested in hearing from the community, and going into a Kickstarter leveraging a strong track-record without a concrete idea in place. And with the Old-School RPG currently nothing more than an assemblage of tropes that – if not fleshed out creatively – could prove just as disastrously cliched as nostalgic, part of me wants to see some more info about the plot and design. 


Then again, that’s the double-edged sword of Kickstarter in action! A double-edged sword which backers of Old-School RPG will be handsomely rewarded for wielding, it seems. Reward tiers include the standard $15 buy-in which gives a digital download of the game on PC or Mac, as well as access to the exclusive forums, and an in-game character item; the $100 ‘Old-School Edition’ containing a boxed copy of the game with a soundtrack, t-shirt, medallion, and pen-and-paper version of the game; and, zooming way ahead, the $10,000 tier that sees you presented with the game and a slew of goodies on an literal red carpet at your house anywhere in the continental US. As always, we recommend checking out the Kickstarter page for a the full slate of reward tiers.

Meanwhile, Loot Drop’s ambitions seem to match those of their as-of-yet-non-existent protagonist, with stretch goals including the $1.5M ‘Super Hardcore Mode’ (permadeath, no saves),  and the extra trantalizing $1.9M ‘two-for-one’ goal – for which the team will make two old-school RPGs for the price of one! Ultimately, though, the decision of whether or not they ever quest beyond the safe borders of a Kickstarter landing page, and into the perilous land of game design – that’s up to you. 

Project Name: Old School RPG
Platforms:  PC & Mac
Funds Needed: $1,000,000
Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $141,937 
Days Left: 31


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