Greetings, and welcome to Wednesday. Or, as many folks like to call it in the midst of water cooler talk, “hump day.” Yes, the middle of the week isn’t always a cause for celebration — especially when you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the weekend. If you’re feeling a little stressed or burned out, this list of games releasing tonight is for you.

There are plenty of other games releasing tonight that aren’t listed here, but we went to the trouble of handpicking the ones we felt were the most exciting. It’s the only way we know how to show our love for you.


Zaxxon Escape

The original Zaxxon was first released back in 1982, making this year its 30th anniversary. Why do I feel old all of the sudden? Doesn’t matter, because Sega is about to take you and I on a trip to nostalgia-land with Zaxxon Escape, a reboot of the classic 3D space shooter. We’ll steer our way through obstacles! We’ll navigate tight corridors! We’ll shoot enemy ships! I’d ask you to set your phasers to fun, but that joke is totally played out. Instead, go ahead and set your phasers to (Zaxx)on.

Fantasy Conflict*

At the heart of every game is a conflict of some sort. Mario needs to rescue the princess from Bowser; Agent Francis York Morgan needs to learn the secrets of Thomas’ biscuit recipe. In the case of Fantasy Conflict, King Flabbian IV must take out the shifty dwarves who stole his powerful crystal. Without the crystal, his alarm clock doesn’t go off at the right time, ostensibly causing him to miss all sorts of fantastic Saturday morning cartoons. Pretty solid reason to wage war, I’d say.

*As an added bonus, this game is already released!


Re-Volt Classic

The Dreamcast renaissance continues! First there was the iOS port of the fairly obscure Fur Fighters, and now we’re being treated to an iOS port of the also-obscure Re-Volt. Unlike Fur Fighters, though, Re-Volt also made its way to platforms like PC, PS1, and N64 in the past. And why not? What could possibly have more widespread appeal than a racing game where you control tiny radio-controlled cars?


Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin

You know what? I’m a little irked with this game for having such a generic plot. Get this: you control a tentacled creature that finds itself trapped inside an anthropomorphic dolphin. I can’t recall how many games have featured this plot, because I lost count at around the 100 mark.

Okay, I’m a huge liar. This game looks downright insane, and will probably be a whole lot of fun. I’ve long said there needs to be more games that combine dolphin and man into some kind of bizarre hybrid creature, and it feels like my prayers are starting to get answered. Thanks, Microsoft, for publishing this little piece of absurdity.


Outer space is a real big place, everyone. All kinds of crazy things happen up there that we never hear about, like raging alien parties and spaceship races. While Irrupt won’t clue us in to all that’s happening in the final frontier, it presents players with an interesting story about astronauts forced to dodge asteroids and race from one section of their station to another. Won’t you help them?