While it might be aimed at a younger demographic, even adults have to admit that Skylanders is pretty cool stuff.  A kid-friendly action-RPG with physical toys that you can collect and use in the game?  It’s a retailer’s dream come true!  And since it was the best-selling toy of Christmas 2011, you’d better believe the brand is back for 2012.

The big Skylanders push for this year is on a new sequel, Skylanders Giants.  I had a chance to go hands on with the game earlier today, and while it’s pretty cool stuff (new toys, new levels – what’s not to love?), the biggest surprise came from the unexpected promise of other new titles in the Skylanders line. Expect to see more iOS games in the very near future.

Speaking with Activision’s Lou Studdert, Gamezebo has learned that multiple new iOS games are in the pipeline for Skylanders fans, and they’re expected to launch around the same time as Giants.  And since Giants will be launching on October 21st, there shouldn’t be too long to wait.

We weren’t able to get confirmation on exactly what types of games these would be or how many of them there are, but at least we know they’re coming.  And since Skylanders Battlegrounds and Skylanders Lost Islands were both trademarked back in August and speculated to be destined for iOS, we may already know their names.

Since Skylanders Cloud Patrol was already such a blast for iOS gamers, it’s hard to not get a little excited at the prospect of more.  Are you jonesing to get a little more Skylanders into your life?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!