In the Death Dome, Band-Aids are your only true friend.

Maybe it’s just me, but setting foot in a place called the “Death Dome” seems like a terrible idea. Even in my more adventurous days, I highly doubt I could be talked into getting within 100 feet of that place. Playing a game called Death Dome, on the other hand, is something I could swing. Something I want to swing, even!

Death Dome tells the tale of the “M Virus”, which ended up killing a whole lot of people and transforming the rest into mutants. All of this took place in the city of Palamira, forcing the government to contain the place within a bio-dome force field. Not exactly accurate science, but I’ll allow it.

Death Dome

The player takes on the role of Phoenix, a man who wakes up with no recollection of his past. Trapped in the dome, he realizes his only way out is to destroy the many mutants that populate it. It won’t be an easy task (fighting mutants rarely is), but his ever-growing arsenal of skills and techniques will make it feasible.

And because skills and techniques will only get you so far, Phoenix will also have access to elemental weapons and armor, featuring the power of fire, acid and lightning. Various enemies are weak to these elements, which is something you’ll want to keep in mind if you come across a monster made entirely of ice.

Death Dome

Though only available in Canada at the moment, Death Dome will likely receive a global release sometime soon. Be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo to know when it releases!