Push enemies with your little finger and watch them fall over

The best mobile games are simple but fiendishly addictive, and Buddha Finger is both — the second with bells on. The first game from British indie developers Lady Shotgun, as the team say, “if you can you count to 10 then you’re going to love playing this game!”

Buddha Finger     Buddha Finger

You’re going about your mundane day-to-day life when you’re contacted by a dude called Shifu, who takes it upon himself to teach you the ancient martial art of Buddha Finger. Buddha Finger is a deadly technique where you use a combination of pressure points to bring enemies to their knees. Shifu also tells you that you have a twin brother called Logan and before you know it, you’re fighting your way through the mean streets of Hong Kong, battling a series of nefarious bad guys along the way.

To beat up the baddies, you’ll need to press their pressure points in the right order and the right way – some require one tap, others repeated rhythmic taps and some sliding movements joining them together. Each stage has a time limit and it’s a lot more tricky (and fun) than it sounds. Buddha Finger looks like a must-play game for those with an iOS device. As soon as I put the preview down I wished it had already been released so I could have another go.

Buddha Finger will be out sometime this month for all Apple iOS platforms (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) 2G and above. An Android version will also be coming “eventually”.