It’s raining dragons!

In the world of video games, things tend to come in waves. An idea strikes gold, and developers far and wide try to hop aboard. It’s a double-edged sword, really: sometimes you get a whole lot of similar games, and other times you get games that iterate and improve upon the original idea. With Dragon Storm, developer Griptonite Games is hoping to ride the waves of the recent dragon craze, and it looks like they’re taking the original route.

Dragon Storm tells the tale of a conflict between mortals and a dragon-god named Shadowclaw. Shadowclaw has an army of possessed dragons on his side, forcing the mortals to take up the last of the unpossessed dragon eggs and flee. It’s the player’s job to protect the last of the dragon eggs, as well as continue the war against Shadowclaw.

Dragon Storm

Not unlike most dragon games, Dragon Storm is rather large in scale. Players will be tasked with growing and building up entire kingdoms, as well as raising armies of soldiers and creatures. All of this will take place atop a “flying island ship”, the goal being to take over the world below. No pressure.

The game will also feature multiplayer elements, including the ability to team up with other players (called “dragon lords”), and form battle strategies. You’d be wise not to get too chummy, though, as making your way up the leaderboards is a rather large part of the experience.

Dragon Storm

The game is currently available in Canada, with a worldwide release likely happening soon. Hope you have a strong umbrella, cause there’s a Dragon Storm coming.