Ayakashi Ghost Guild lets you capture, battle, and negotiate with the undead

You would think that supernatural forces like ghosts and spirits would have better things to do with their immortality than harass humans, but judging by the number of ghost stories out there, the answer is apparently “Nope.” Ghosts want to hang around, and they want to haunt humans that are in the middle of using the john. If you’re thinking of learning exorcism in self-defense, you can do a little preparatory training with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, a new mobile card battle RPG from Zynga.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild     Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

You play through Ayakashi as a “ghost agent,” a supernatural specialist that helps control the ghosts, sprites, and djinns that bug the rest of us when we’re trying to get some work done. As an agent, you have the power to tame ghosts into subservient daemons. Said daemons can then be used to help you subdue other ghosts, or they can be battled against other agents (a handy way of letting off steam over constantly having your egg salad sandwiches stolen from the agency’s fridge). 

Daemons have three separate types: Phantom, Divina, and Anima. Each one has its power contained on a card, making them very collectable (not to mention portable). Daemons can also be upgraded and fused for bigger, cooler results. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can attempt to “Catch ’em All” in hopes of filling out your Daemon Scroll.

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild     Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Ayakashi also contains an element of negotiation since most daemons are wise to the fact that humans are really not in a position to push them around. If a daemon refuses to join you even after you defeat it, you may be out of luck.

Available in Canada now, Ayakashi: Ghost Guild should hit App Stores worldwide soon. Start thinking of ways to talk to ghosts. Parseltongue is a good starter language.