The most dangerous rave known to man

“The runner genre is totally played out,” you say. “I’ll never play another one again,” you say. To which I have but one response: Polara. With story-driven level progression and gameplay far more intricate than the average runner, it’s shaping up to be the breath of fresh air the genre could so desperately use.

Okay, so you’ll still be running like a madman and jumping up a storm, but the game throws a color mechanic in that heavily informs both of these things. Say, for example, you’re about to run into a laser. By tapping on the right screen and switching colors, it’s possible to run through that laser unharmed. In that same vein, there are launch pads that, if approached with the right color equipped, will volley you into the air.

Your running will be far from endless, too. The game takes place across 50 different levels, each of which contain a beginning and end. There are also four bosses, and I’m genuinely curious how battles will work in the game. Will you race them to the top of a mountain? If not, it surely involves running of some kind.

The color mechanic makes the game a very beautiful one, with neon colors cropping up left and right amidst a dark, dystopian backdrop.  It’s kind of like entering a rave that’s moments from ending, when only a few lights are still going. Or something like that.


Polara will hit iOS and Android on October 11, priced at $0.99