Bulldogs can have existential crises, too.

Jane Jensen, the mind behind the sinister Gabriel Knight adventures, is trying her hand at something a little different: Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure, an interactive e-book about two bulldogs who embark on a cross-country journey of self-discovery.

If you recognize the name Jane Jensen, it’s almost certainly because of her work throughout the 1990s on Sierra’s classic Gabriel Knight and Laura Bow franchises. Neither was for kids; Laura Bow solved murder mysteries, while the original Gabriel Knight game, Sins of the Fathers, was billed as “a supernatural psycho-thriller” and featured an image of a hanged man on the cover. Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure, on the other hand, follows the journey of two dogs, the crazy Lola and the whip-smart Lucy, as they venture across the country and try to learn what a dog’s job really is. It’s not a game, but rather a lushly-illustrated, 29-page “interactive story book” based on Jensen’s own real-life English bulldogs

Lola and Lucy's Big Adventure

There will be games, however – 14 mini-games in all – and numerous “interactive surprises” for readers. The book will be fully narrated with separate “Read To Me,” “Read By Myself,” and “Autoplay” modes, and will be accessible to a wide range of ages as both a “Picture Book” and “Chapter Book.”

The screenshots on display at lola-lucy.com look great and Jane Jensen is a masterful storyteller, so if you have kids, or you’re still a kid at heart, this could very well be a tale worth following. Lucy and Lola’s Big Adventure is expected to come out for the iPad in mid-October, with PC, Mac and Android versions following over the next several months.