Let’s be honest: the Star Wars universe is a mixed bag. Three amazing, iconic films, and those other three; Memorable film heroes like Han Solo, but also, Jar Jar Binks. Luckily, Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures fell mostly into the Han camp. Even luckier? Gamezebo’s going on a giveaway spree this weekend, with 100 chances to get yourself a free 3-month membership pass!


Bright and whimsical, Clone Wars Adventures is light MMO that lets gamers play around in a universe filled with Star Wars-themed mini-games and goals. In our review, we praised the game for its clever treatment of the brand, and gorgeous visuals. As of today, however, they may be even more to like about this one. Sony Online Entertainment is introducing battle classes into the game, offering players a chance to choose their allegiance to either Jedi, Trooper, Sith, or Mercenary. From there, they’ll be able to establish rank within their class, and level up their title to unlock new outfits, weapons, and moments of gameplay. 

Gameplay which you have the chance to get for free! The force is obviously strong with us, as we’ve managed to convince Sony Online that our readers deserve a whopping 100 chances to get a look at the game at no cost. Each code we have unlocks a 3-month, non-recurring membership to Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, meaning you don’t have to fork over any credit card info, or worry that you’ll be charged when the time runs out. Don’t worry, though, you won’t have to use any Jedi mind tricks to get a code out of us!

Starting today at 12:00PM EST (or 9:00AM PST), and throughout the weekend, we’ll be taking to our Twitter and Facebook feeds to give out bundles of the codes five at a time!


Follow us there, keep your eyes peeled, and have your clicking fingers ready. Take the first code you find over to the Clone Wars Adventures website, and use it in the “Redeem-a-Code” box in the bottom right corner. And voila! You’re a Jedi… or a Trooper, or a Sith, or a Mercenary. If you’re extra eager to play however, here’s how to guarantee yourself a code. Comment below with a short answer telling us which class you’d pick in the game, and why, and make sure to include your e-mail. Shortly after, you’ll receive a complementary code, for your eyes only! 

Good luck, and may the force be with you.