Wednesday nights are a little like Christmas Eve for iPhone and iPad gamers.  Every Wednesday, usually starting around 11pm EST, the App Store begins to fill its virtual shelves with the latest and greatest games for your favorite Apple devices. 

Do you want to wait up and see if Santa comes?  Or would you rather get to bed so you can unwrap your presents bright and early?  Whichever you choose, we’ve rounded up the hottest titles that you’ll be able to treat yourself to this week.


Bad Piggies

Angry Birds might have been a cultural phenomenon, but I’m sure the little green pigs weren’t quite the fans of the feathered franchise that the rest of the world were.  But tonight – after nearly two years of rumors – it looks like the pigs will have their chance at revenge.  Bad Piggies will put players in the hooves of everyone’s favorite egg stealers, building contraptions and trying to gather up their delicious dinners by any means necessary.


God of Blades

Looking like the lost love child of Frank Frazetta, pulp sci-fi, and Infinity Blade, White Whale Games debut release finally hits the App Store tonight.  Players will control the titular god as he swordfights his way across the landscape with smooth, swipe-based motions.  Can this one become God of the App Store as well?  We’re looking forward to finding out!


MechWarrior: Tactical Command

Strategy gamers have found a lot to love on smartphones this year, and yet we haven’t really seen an existing name in the world of thinking man’s combat make its way to the App Store.  Tonight, that’s all going to change.  The MechWarrior franchise makes its mobile debut with Tactical Command, putting you in charge of a whole host of pilot-powered, butt-kicking mechs.



King Oddball Ends the World

The latest game from 10tons, the makers of Azkend 2, seems about as odd as its name.  The early press materials have left us stumped.  It’s apparently about a floating rock head that flings boulders at things with its tongue – but what that actually translates to in terms of gameplay?  I guess we’ll find out tonight!