We’ve only got…zero hours to save the world? Man, this is dire.

If you had to choose one type of combat in which to engage in today’s mobile gaming landscape – either modern or ancient – what would it be? Ancient!? You poor, poor sap. Everyone knows it’s modern combat that reigns supreme. And specifically, Gameloft’s Modern Combat series of highly polished war fighters. For those looking to repent for clinging to the past, however, I have good news: another Modern Combat is upon us. 

Revealed last night on X-Play, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is Gameloft’s latest attempt to ratchet up the quality and intensity in the mobile shooter arena. It should be no surprise, then, that the premiere trailer packs the series’ biggest graphical punch yet, taking the visuals one step closer to fully approximating the Call of Duty look and feel with which Modern Combat so often finds itself associated. Truly though, the package here looks fluid and stunning, with scenes of in game helicopter combat coming across as no less intense than the pre-rendered cutscenes that introduce them. 

For this fourth go around, players find themselves in Hawaii on what by no standards could be called a vacation. The president, it seems, has been kidnapped by an American-born ex-green-beret-turned-extremist, and naturally, it’s your job to get him back. Following a couple of expectedly epic lines (“Walk away with blood on your hands!”), not much else is known; procedurally though, it seems the rescue mission will take you everywhere from democratic buildings under siege to picturesque – but violent – flyovers across the tropical paradise. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour seems to pushing for a greater variety of hand-to-hand melee combat, ground assaults, and vehicular action than ever, as it makes a push to join the roster of games that showcase the power of iOS. 

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

No release date has been announced, but one thing’s for certain. Unless you’re one of those ancient combat lovers without a computer, you’ll want to stay tuned to Gamezebo for screens, further news, and our official review of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.