Pilot’s Path is an open-world game that lets you pilot a helicopter on the Dark Side

When we watch movies, read comic books, or play video games, the bad guys seem to fill the screen or the page. We don’t give much thought to the small men and women who keep things running—in other words, we don’t really notice the bad guys’ specialized employees, like the doctors and the pilots. How do they wind up with these jobs? As children, do they decide, “I’m gonna fly Mafia dons to all the four corners of the earth!” Pilot’s Path, an open-world helicopter game for iOS, may give you some unsettling answers to these questions.

Pilot's Path

In Pilot’s Path, you play as a disgraced USAF helicopter pilot. Upon being discharged, you take up risky jobs for criminal kingpins, because even fallen angels need to eat. You’re called on to deliver drugs and other unsavory objects around the world, but you need to be careful: If you screw up, you’re likely to suffer consequences more deadly than a write-up.

Pilot’s Path features randomly-generated open-world maps, ideal for hours of exploration. You can take on tons of missions across 50 islands. The money you earn goes back into upgrading your bird so that you can fly longer, use less fuel, and take more damage (yes, people are probably going to be shooting at you).

Pilot's Path

Pilot’s Path features an engaging story that’s told through retro-inspired graphics and cut scenes. It’s the most fun you can have committing criminal acts with a whirly-bird, short of using the blades to decapitate panda bears. Pilot’s Path hits the App Store soon.