Temple Run developer Imangi Studios has teamed up with Spin Master Games to create Temple Run Danger Chase, a board game based on the massively popular mobile game.

The board game will more or less serve as a physical adaptation of the app, featuring a similar end goal of outrunning an evil Demon Monkey and living to tell the tale. The product description reads:

“The Temple Run Danger Chase Board Game provides all the speed and thrills of the popular Temple Run game app in a multi-player board game! Roll the dice and race against the clock to keep head of the Evil Demon Monkey. Roll too slow, and you’ll move back! Outrun the Demon Monkey and outlast the other players to win!”

If I’m reading that correctly, taking too long to roll will result in you being sent back closer to the Demon Monkey. Ostensibly, this means you can tackle another person and keep them from the dice until the timer runs out and they’re boned. Bring on the black eyes!

Temple Run‘s Facebook page states that the game will be released on October 1st.