Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy…

Rubber Tacos is a free-to-play Facebook game which follows the slingshot-styled game formula, though not without a few twists.

The story is about a family of masked luchadores who are just about to chow down on some rather large chili peppers when a burro-shaped pinata comes by and snatches the whole lot. Off he goes through a variety of festive Mexican-themed stages, dropping five peppers per stage, and it’s up to you to help the acrobatic cartoon wrestlers reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

As you can tell, this game does not go easy on the stereotypes. In fact, in lieu of much– if anything– in the way of actual tacos being present in the game, and the fact that it’s the people who are bouncing, one might even suggest that the game’s very title could come off as racist. Rather than delve into that here, we’ll just leave it to you to debate.

Rubber Tacos

The rules are simple: You’ll have one member of the family placed on a platform at the top of a level, and you pull it back/down with your cursor and release to send him flying through the air, bouncing off of ropes and collecting peppers before landing on the similar platform at the bottom and striking a pose. As you progress, you’ll find new tools and obstacles, such as prickly cacti and ropes you can turn and adjust.

Also as you progress, you’ll unlock new members of the family, each with their own limited-use special powers. The father starts it off with the ability to see the exact path you will take when you release the mouse button, while the mother has the ability to magnetically attract herself to the final platform, avoiding a near miss. The cranky grandfather can outright obliterate a cactus, and so on.

However, these abilities are stock items which do not replenish each day with your game tokens (required to play), so you’ll either have to buy more or try to win them in the bonus rounds. And of course, if you should miss your target, then you’ll have wasted one of your special abilities. Worse still is that once you pull back on the platform (particularly when you’re using the father), it seems you’re unable to let it go without launching him, thus preventing you from making any necessary tweaks to the ropes and once again wasting a power.

Rubber Tacos

In addition to the 120 levels native to the game, you can also create and share levels of your own design, thanks to the game’s custom level editor. The best of these will be added to the Top Weekly and Featured level sections, each with a rating to give you some idea of how well they’re made according to other users.

Overall, Rubber Tacos is a fun and festive game which could use a few tweaks, but will still keep you coming back for more.