The golf platformer you never knew you wanted

Golf is boring.

Okay, that might not be fair. I’ve played once or twice and had a decent enough time doing it. But that was a long time ago, and I’ve never felt the urge to give it another shot. Golf on television is definitely boring. I’d rather watch a scrabble game. Mario Golf was pretty fun, but even that was meh to me.

The intrepid gamesmiths at Ayopa Games have discovered what golf was missing, which is, obviously, death. Everyone knows how us gamers love violence. Fortunately, Death Golf’s violence is of the cartoon variety, so it’s safe for all ages.

Real golf is all about overcoming your personal best, but the worst thing that can happen is a bad score. That’s not much of an incentive if you ask me. Now dying (or rather not dying)? There’s an incentive.

The threat of danger tends to elevate the senses, and overcoming that danger is thrilling. Death Golf, wouldn’t you know it, provides you with that danger. In addition to the usual water hazards and sand traps, the appropriately garbed golfer that you control must contend with alligators, evil looking bugs, bear traps, cannons and more.

A novel blend of genres, Death Golf envisions each course as a stage in a platformer. From a pseudo-isometric perspective, you guide your golfer along that course, jumping on bad guys, over traps and over pits. All along the way, you must hit your golf ball closer and closer to the hole, eventually knocking it in. Think mini-golf, but totally insane.

Death Golf

Death Golf is most certainly not a golf simulation. It’s a platformer in which you also hit a golf ball into a hole. And it looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Dust off your clubs for an October release on iOS.