This is what happens when you’re too stubborn to ask for directions

It’s possible Forever Lost‘s name has you concerned. After all, who would want to be confused as to where they were throughout an entire game? That will certainly happen on occasion – it’s a puzzle/adventure game, after all – but the world is jampacked with story and bits of info that clue the player in as to what’s going on around them. And no, it doesn’t take place on an island with magical properties.

The creators of Forever Lost are on a mission to improve upon the typical structure of adventure games on iOS. For starters, they’re implementing a camera system that enables players to take photos of clues and puzzles, as well as take notes of things they encounter. Rather than forcibly receive clues as they progress, the player will have more of a responsibility to figure things out for themselves. It may scare away casual fans of the genre, but it sounds like a great way to entice hardcore players who feel the genre isn’t up to snuff in the mobile space.

The game’s story is one that requires lots of exploration to truly understand. While it’s likely possible to make a beeline to the game’s end, those who take their time and seek out all its nooks and crannies will have a better idea of what Forever Lost is all about. And as is the case with adventure games, exploration and solving puzzles are intertwined concepts. While some of these puzzles will be straightforward tile-placement affairs, others will be “kick-yourself-when-you-solve-them” logic puzzles.

Forever Lost

Forever Lost

Forever Lost is set to arrive later this month, unless it somehow gets lost in the shuffle. But surely if that happens, it won’t be for forever.