A much better name than Horizonticus

A true creative’s work is never done. Stan Lee is teaming up with mobile games producer Moonshark and developer Controlled Chaos Media to unleash Verticus, an upcoming superhero-centric game for iOS.

Verticus tells the story of Verticus (clever!), a hero with the ability to dive down into the center of the Earth. I imagine such a power doesn’t come in handy often, but the game begins with aliens planting an explosive way down there. It’s Verticus’ time to shine, but he needs the player’s help.

The path to the Earth’s core is filled with obstacles and, going by the trailer, what appears to be coins. Were I to put on my speculation cap I’d say that these coins can be used to purchase either power-ups or character add-ons, but it’s possible I’m entirely wrong. Regardless, it’s up to you to guide Verticus on his tumultuous journey downward. If you manage to pull it off, the Earth is saved!

But it’s never that easy, right? Once you defuse the bomb you’ll have to fly your way back up, where you’ll be informed that another bomb has been planted in the Earth’s core. This process repeats ad nauseum, as is often the case with ascension/descension games in the mobile market. And if you’re offended by the lack of narrative sense that makes, it’s possible you missed the part about this game featuring a superhero who flies to the center of the Earth.

We don’t have a specific release date, but it’s been announced that the game is coming this Fall. Apropos, I suppose, given that you’ll be falling most of the time in the game.

If ever I regretted a pun, it would probably be that one.