Soccer on and off the field

Now that football season has begun, the ever fashionable jersey is being dug out of dressers across America to be worn proudly by large, beer drinking men. The season of dipping chips and buffalo-ing wings is upon us. For those of us who, like me, don’t know the difference between football and a soccer ball, there is no escape.

In my town, those who do know the difference and prefer that latter can be found escaping football fever at the Playwright, an Irish pub down the street from my apartment. There, soccer — ahem, football — takes priority on the flatscreens and will until the season’s end.  If that sounds nice to you, you might be interested in what I have to say about Real Soccer 2013.

As you might have gathered from the title, Real Soccer 2013 is a soccer game. Besides the usual fun of kicking a ball into a goal, players will also be able to play outside the field with a new club management system. Not only can you manage and train your players, but you build your team’s infrastructure as well. You build offices and hospitals, upgrade your stadium, hire staff — it’s a whole new layer of gameplay not present in previous Real Soccer titles.

The visuals have received a revision from previous installments as well. Player animations have been revamped, stadiums have received a new look, and the crowds inside of them have been touched up as well. And it’s to good effect as well, Real Soccer 2013’s graphics aren’t that much different from the 360’s first Fifa title, 07.

Real Soccer 2013

Most important, the game has the images and names of real players, meaning fans will be able to play out their soccer fantasies on the go. Real Soccer 13 is coming soon to iOS and Android.