When writer Brandon Boyer took to Kickstarter to fund a game culture-centric site called Venus Patrol, it was a great success. That’s largely because the idea behind the site was rock solid, but credit should also go the amazing rewards — such as exclusive games from well-known developers. If it just so happens you missed out and are beginning to feel pangs of jealousy, take it easy! The site has launched, and those who purchase a year subscription ($25) to the site now will receive a game from both Vlambeer (of Super Crate Box fame) and Adam Saltsman (of Canabalt fame). 

From Vlambeer comes Gun Godz, a first person shooter inspired by gangster rap. And no, it’s nothing like 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Similar to Vlambeer’s other work, it has a very old school look and feel to it. Picture Doom with rappers.

Saltsman’s game, Capsule, takes cues from the original days of arcade. Players are in charge of navigating a space capsule through a world of black and white, searching for various docking stations. Fuel is finite, and locating it requires you to scan the screen by tapping the space bar. Kind of like navigating a submarine! Or at least the way that TV and popular media have told me a submarine is navigated.

Subscribers will also receive a Venus Patrol wallpaper, a wallpaper set from Keita Takahashi of Katamari Damacy fame, Minecraft skins from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, and a 1.5 hour live set from PixelJunk Eden/PixelJunk 4AM designer — and popular DJ — Baiyon. And unlike Capsule and Gun Godz, this content is also available to those who purchase a month-long subscription ($3). 

It should be noted that a subscription isn’t required to view content on Venus Patrol. To put it another way, you have no excuse to not check it out. Go forth!