Fight fire with fire …dogs.

As far as anyone knows, humans are the only animals that can create fire. There’s a very good reason for that: The planet will erupt in flames the second that some cute woodland creatures get their hands on the scourge of Prometheus. It’s not just the cuddly animals that are the problem, either. Look at the knowing smile on every dolphin’s face. It’s a mercy that they live under water. Need more convincing that only humans should handle fire? Consider Fire Busters, an action/puzzle game for iOS. If you don’t stop the nefarious “arson cat,” his neighbors will wind up living in a charred wasteland.

Fire Busters stars three cuddly firefighters: A Dalmatian, a sheepdog (“Mornin, Sam”), and a vain squirrel. When the brass bell rings, they leap into action and barrel to the fiery scene. Once there, they need to snuff out the arson cat’s city-wide barbeque by aiming their water cannons at burning objects. You need to drag-and-drop the firefighters so that their streams can do the job. Alternatively, you can help life flourish by watering withered flowers that grant you a bonus score on every level.

Alas, arson cat isn’t he only weirdo you need to contend with. Oil cat feeds the fires, shield cat blocks your flow, and a hippopotamus with a drinking problem will gulp down all your watery ammunition. You need to soak your enemies to stop their annoying antics.

Fire Busters even lets you play with the color of your water. Just find paint items to turn your stream into every color of the rainbow! Warning: Do not attempt to do this in real life, particularly not with oil-based paint.

Fire Busters hits the App Store and Google Play later this month, and will be available for 99 cents. Nothing bad can possibly come from firefighters that work on the cheap.