Sean Connery probably wouldn’t approve

I have a lot of trouble deciding where I stand on dragons. They’re certainly cool, there’s no two ways about that. But games, films and literature stray back and forth between painting them as kindhearted and downright devious. I’m conflicted; I want to believe that they’re good Samaritans. But I’m willing to let that go now and then in the name of fun – like while playing Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Slayer

In Dragon Slayer, you play the part of a – get this – “Dragonslayer.” It’s your job to take out the dragons who have been attacking human settlements, along with hunting down your friend Ornesh, who weeks before exited the Guild you’re a part of. It’s a tale of intrigue, mayhem, and possibly shenanigans. I’ve not yet been able to confirm.

But the presence of shenanigans is the least of your worries, as the dragons in the game desperately want to kill you. Defending yourself and putting them out of commission won’t be easy, though thankfully you’ll have access to a variety of armor and items to strengthen your character with. I doubt there’s any one set of armor out there that’s completely impervious to the attacks of a dragon, but you certainly don’t want to approach them while dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. A tux, perhaps.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is currently available in Canada, so a wider release is probably on the near horizon. But even if it didn’t release for another 80 years, there’s no such thing as having enough time to be properly trained to do battle with a dragon.