Let the hunt for ceramic Snoopy statues commence!

The Yard Sale series is one of the bigger names in hidden object gaming, presumably because it teaches people how to improve their yard sale hunting techniques. Now, courtesy of a partnership with Zynga, developer The Method is launching a new iteration of the series on Facebook and Zynga.com. Titled Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures, it will have you spotting rare antiques at block-wide garage sales in no time.

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures is a hidden object game at heart, but The Method is taking the concept a step further by including a cast of characters that guide you through the game’s 24 levels. Those same characters will also provide you a list of items they’d like you to locate, giving the game an added layer of narrative.

And if helping out others isn’t enough motivation for you, you’ll be pleased to know that finding items in the game will net you Lucky Bucks – the game’s own virtual currency – which can be spent on decorating your yard, styling your house, or increasing your overall property value. I wish people would give me money for purchasing things at yard sales. I mean, I guess I could throw this Garfield phone on Ebay, but that seems like way too much work.

Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures

No release date has been announced for Yard Sale: Hidden Treasures just yet, but Zynga-published games have a way of… making themselves known upon release. But if you’d rather not risk the release date passing you by, follow the game here on Gamezebo!