Because drawing stuff is so last year

Most people don’t like sending embarrassing photos to their friends. It’s just part of who we are. But the folks at Double Coconut want to change that with Photo Phrase, a game where winning – and merely playing – requires you to share a whole lot of goofy photos with friends and foes alike.

Featuring elements of gameplay from both Draw Something and Charades, each round in the game begins with a player receiving a caption — “licking a popsicle,” for example. They must take a picture that best captures that action, and send it off to their opponent to try and guess. I don’t want to tell you how to play the game, necessarily, but I’d recommend quitting any matches where the opponent is sending the troll face the entire time.


If you receive a particularly hard caption to emote, you can enhance the picture you took with a variety of stickers. One, for example, is an arrow that lets you point where you’d like the other player to look. Sounds helpful!

Players will also have the option to share their photos on social media destinations like Facebook and Twitter, as well as an in-game network that compiles the best photos from users. It’ll be kind of like Instagram, but with 99% less pictures of food and Starbucks cups.

Photo Phrase

Photo Phrase is launching on iOS later this month, with an Android version arriving shortly after. It will retail for $1.99, but there will also be a free version that, ostensibly, is fueled by ads. Does this mean you’ll have to take pictures with captions like “Washing down a bag of Fritos with a glass of tasty Coca-Cola”? Probably not, no.