Enchant U breaks up the predictable university sim routine with a little magic

For the average young adult who has left home for the first time to take in some post-secondary schooling, the solemn halls of a college or university can feel like they’re charged with magic. There is no magic, though: only hormones, sweat, and the perpetually dazed look of sleep-deprived young adults. However, Enchant U for iOS and Google Play is a college simulation game that does in fact add a touch of magic to the air. Just a touch. It’s like attending a passive-aggressive Hogwarts.


Enchant U seems to be a normal university, but closer study reveals something odd, something…unnatural. You participate in typical university activities like partying, dressing up, attracting mates, and studying (nah), but all the while you need to keep your eyes open and solve the mystery that’s floating around the school.

The choices that you make have consequences depending on whether you behave yourself, or decide to flirt with the Dark Side. So, what’s it going to be, college girl? Gryffindor or Slytherin?

Enchant U

Enchant U

You can make the choice yourself when you play Enchant U later this month on iOS or Android.