Wait for the drop!

The odds that you’ve been trapped in a dungeon in real life are pretty slim. The odds that it’s happened in a video game, however, are far more favorable. Developers are in love with the idea of tossing us into those rocky underground prisons and challenging us to find our way out. Is it because they hate us? Could be. All I know is Delver’s Drop will have us doing it all over again, this time with a gorgeous 16-bit aesthetic.

The dungeon floors of Delver’s Drop are randomly generated, but they all hold one thing in common: enemies. You’ll have to fight your way through droves of enemy fodder like bats, as well as monsters that pose a little more threat. You’ll also encounter keys. Lots and lots of keys. These – as you’ve likely guessed – can be used to open doors and enter new rooms. Sound familiar?

Delver's Drop

But make sure you’re ready for what’s on the other side of that door, because death will set you back to the dungeon entrance. Those of you who have played The Binding of Isaac should feel right at home with this system, and I think we can all agree that it makes for a more intense experience. It forces you to think about your every move, as opposed to just running around and stabbing everything.

Additionally, your character’s speed of movement – at least in the melee class, and possibly others – will be an important element of combat. If you move around enough to build some decent momentum, your attack will have more power behind it. As such, there will be times where running around with a league of monsters in hot pursuit is a solid strategy – so long as you’re moving quick by the time you attack.

Delver's Drop

But even with its heightened difficulty, just know that Delver’s Drop loves you. It wants you to have fun. So much so, in fact, that it will provide you with other character classes to choose from. It’s not 100% certain what these classes will be, but a few corners of the Internet have said it will probably be wizards and barbarians. Looking back at how previous dungeon crawlers have been assembled, that seems highly likely.

The folks at Pixelscopic are hoping to ship the game sometime next year. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for future announcements about a release date (and other info), so be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo.