Or TMQFEL for short.

From the hallowed halls of Ubisoft comes The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, a free-to-play dungeon raiding game that sends players on mighty quests for epic loot – against each other. 

This one looks a bit out of character for Ubisoft, which is better known for major game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and the various Tom Clancy games, but The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot also looks like it has the potential to be an absolute blast. It’s a two-part game of sorts, as players enter the magical, conflict-wracked realm of Opulencia, where everyone divides their time between swiping loot that belongs to other players and keeping those other players from doing the same to them.

 Each player is given a castle, which can be filled with traps, minions and other such fantasy dungeon bric-a-brac, and then shared with the rest of the kingdom – which is to say, other players – who will attempt to break in and swipe the loot inside. And that’s where the second part comes in: as they’re crashing through your castle, you can take a romp through theirs, dancing and dodging past their devious designs and making off with whatever’s not nailed down.  

The exaggerated visual style looks great, and judging from trailer that came out yesterday, humor – sometimes with a bit of a mature edge – will be a big part of the attraction. From the screens available to the public, everything seems like it will be controlle through a “drag and drop” system in which players are able to pore over a roster of spiky, burny, and squishy things that do hardm to other adventurers, laying out their creations in as dastardly a fashion as possible. Think if it like The Incredible Machine…of death. In the mean time, Ubisoft seems committed to offering some solid gameplay depth, allowing you to level up your hero to gain new skills, earn high ratings for having the best death-defying loot fortress, and and unlock more and more content to use in-game. 

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

As a company that recently kowtowed to justifiable player demand to drop the archaic restrictions on play such as “always-on” DRM – which required you to be online in order to playa game you had purchased – Ubisoft may just be dragging themselves into the modern world yet. For that reason, and because this looks like massively-multiplayer Dungeon Keeper experience, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot a game worth keeping an eye on. While no exact release date has been set, alpha sign-ups are being taken now at themightyquest.com, with promise of the game in early 2013.