A race that only the heavens could win

We’ve all had this happen to us before: you’re watching a friend (or even a stranger) play videogames, and they’re flat-out terrible. It’s almost painful watching them die over and over again to a simple obstacle. You want to call out to them to just hand you the controller and let you make the decisions for them, but you don’t want to be rude. Luckily, in Moon Spider Studio’s Harold, redirecting a terrible player is your sole job.

Said terrible player is the titular Harold, a clumsy red headed dork with two left feet and zero athletic skill. Unlucky for him, he’s in the world’s deadliest race. As Gabe, Harold’s guardian angel in his final heavenly test, it’s up to you to guide and protect Harold through his race against all odds.


With one button, you’ll drop an enormous thunderbolt big enough to get even the most out of shape runner into a sprint. With a smaller shock, you’ll be able to hoist Harold into the air. Combining these simple controls with an endless array of environmental traps and tricks that you can maneuver, and you’ll be able to guide Harold through the race without actually controlling him directly.

Also, as we’re sure you’ve noticed by now, are you wondering just how a 2D game can look so good? Looking to rival the personality and crisp color of other platforming gems like Rayman Origins, Harold‘s design and animation looks so good for a reason: the design team is full of animation veterans. Animators from Aladdin to Princess Mononoke make up Moon Spider Studio, and we can’t wait to see what else they can cook up for display at launch.


It’s painful to watch a terrible competitor suffer, but come next year on the PC, you won’t have to. Set for Spring 2013, Harold is shaping up to be a comical and beautiful side-scroller worth your divine intervention.